Welcome to Air Fryer Nerd

How Do We Review Air Fryers?
We determine best options for air fryers by examining multiple categories and having a baseline criteria to have a consistent review system for the products we evaluate. The following are examples of criteria that matter to us:

How is the Build Quality?
Are customers experiencing equipment failures with certain models? Are important parts made of plastic or metal? Does it have any maintenance issues? Does it come with a warranty?

What are the Features?
What type of display and controls does it use? What colors or accessories does it sport? What does it offer that makes it unique?

What is the Wattage and Capacity
How many people can it feed? Can you cook more than one type of food at once? How quickly does it heat, and how hot does it get?

Customer Reviews
What do real users say about this model? Are their any legitimate, recurring complaints?

Accessories Included
Does it come with accessories? Can dedicated accessories be purchased directly from the manufacturer? Will it accept universal accessories?