Best Budget Air Fryer: Cooking like a Boss


Life can be challenging when you're on a tight budget then a product comes along that is affordable and can save you money in the long run, it’s an all-round winner. One such product is the air fryer.

This little device is a compact version of a convection oven. These small kitchen appliances give you the option of cooking without a gallon of oil. It cooks by surrounding food in hot air that is powered by a fan.

There are many air fryers on the market. As with most products, the price ranges from the very affordable, to some very high-end models with matching price tags.

With the cost of living consistently on the rise, many people have found themselves renting or buying smaller homes or apartments. These smaller residential properties usually come with smaller kitchens and that often means utilizing counter and cabinet space more efficiently. The air fryer is a very convenient appliance that won’t take up a lot of counter space and, with its versatility with what you can cook, you’ll eat out less, saving you even more money in the long run.

Here's a list of Best Budget Air Fryer

Features To Look For In A Budget Air Fryer

Most air fryers work the same way. They circulate hot air around the cooking drawer or chamber. This means food is cooked quickly and evenly. The difference between different air fryers has to do with functions. Some air fryers can cook small meals like french fries, chicken wings, or small portions of meat of fish. Others have the capacity to roast entire 4 to 6-pound chickens or other larger cuts of meat. They can also bake, grill, fry, or broil.

A budget air fryer is generally going to have a smaller cooking capacity, which would be more suitable for one or two people. That doesn't mean it won't work just as well as larger, more expensive models. In many cases, you can cook the same types of foods, regardless of the kind of air fryer you have.

Some of the main features you should consider before committing to purchasing an air fryer include:

Capacity – Consider the size of your household if you live alone or there are only two of you, a large family air fryer is a bit of a waste. Similarly, if you have four or more people in your household, a small one or two-person air fryer is going to cause more hassles as you’ll find yourself cooking everything in multiple batches. Check the specifications on the packaging to ensure you get the right capacity for your household.

Size – Small kitchens mean limited space and this is where an air fryer can be a significant advantage. Many budget priced air fryers come in compact models that take up a tiny amount of space. They are also considered space savers as they can replace several different appliances such as ovens, deep fryers, toasters and grills. Consider how much space you have and you can choose a budget air fryer that is the perfect size for your kitchen.

Preset Programs – The more the price goes up with air fryers, the more functions and preset programs you can expect to find. Depending on what type of cooking you plan on doing, less may be more. If you’re only planning on frying food like chicken wings, battered or crumbed foods, or french fries, then there is no need for an air fryer with a dozen preset programs. Do a little bit of research so you can be sure to only get the programs you need.

Ease Of Cleaning – Functioning in a small kitchen is hard, so anything that makes life easier is a must-have. Most air fryers, even budget ones, have non-stick coatings on the cooking baskets and drawer. This means a quick wash and a wipe down is all that is needed. After cooking, wait for the air fryer to cool down enough to touch, and wipe the inside with a soft, damp cloth. Check the features to ensure the air fryer you want has non-stick removable parts to make cleaning easier and faster.

Price – For most people, everything comes down to affordability. Fortunately, there are so many air fryers on the market so you can be sure to find one you can afford that will still perform well. As long as you get the features you want at a price you can afford, you’ll get plenty of use from your air fryer.

What Can You Cook In An Air Fryer?

As the name suggests, most people consider purchasing air fryers to replace deep fryers. They are ideal for food such as french fries, crumbed fish and other seafood, sausages, hamburgers and a variety of crumbed or battered foods. The reason for the air fryers' popularity is that you can fry all of these delicious foods, without submerging them in a gallon of oil. This means you can have your guilty pleasures in a healthier version.

Air fryers aren’t just for frying though. You can also roast chickens or chicken pieces, smaller joints of beef, lamb or pork. Grilling steaks, chops, sausages and hamburgers are also a possibility and, when you really get into cooking with your air fryer, you can even bake bread, pastries and cookies.

Even budget air fryers can cook an extensive array of foods. All you need to do is to get creative and start experimenting.

Check Out These Budget Air Fryers



This is one of the best value air fryers you can find. This Air Fryer by Cozyna comes in a 3.7-quart capacity making it ideal for smaller families. It's also quite small so it will free up a lot of your kitchen space.  

With this air fryer, you can fry, grill, bake or roast all of your favorite foods with just a spoonful of oil. Cleaning up is also a breeze, with all the parts being dishwasher safe.

The Cozyna Air Fryer Stormic Airflow Technology that cooks food faster and crispier than ever before. It has a 30-minute timer and a temperature range of up to 400 °F. For your safety, the easy to grip handle is cool to touch.

To get you started with your Cozyna Air Fryer, this model comes with two cookbooks. Stop using your microwave and start enjoying crispy fried food, without excessive oil.

Air Fryer by Cozyna Video Review

Dash Compact Air Fryer


Small apartments with tiny kitchens will benefit from this Dash Compact Air Fryer. This air fryer has a 1.6-quart capacity, which is perfect for singles or couples. This small but mighty air fryer can cook 1 pound of french fries or a dozen chicken wings. You can also use it for baking, roasting or grilling.

The Dash Compact Air Fryer features technology that gives you superbly crisp, delicious foods with 70% less oil needed for frying. It has temperature control and auto-shutoff timer so you are less likely to end up with burnt food and it comes in a range of colors to suit your décor or your personality.

If you love to travel, live in a dorm room or just like quick, delicious meals, the Dash Compact Air Fryer is an ideal gift for someone special, or for yourself.

Dash Compact Air Fryer Video Review

GO WISE USA 2.75 Quart Air Fryer


For an easy to use and easy to clean Air Fryer, this one from GoWise USA is sure to please. Let your culinary imagination run wild and create delicious dishes with meat, fish, french fries, vegetables, pizza and a whole lot more.

This is a lightweight, compact air fryer, perfect for two and is ideal for small kitchens with limited space. Your food will cook fast, with delicious results, thanks to rapid air technology that sends hot air circulating around your food in every possible direction. Your food will cook evenly, brown beautifully, and all with no oil spattering all over your kitchen.

You’ll also love the safety features of the GoWise Air Fryer. It has been designed to turn off when the drawer is opened during operation and it will also automatically turn off once the time you set has passed. It has a temperature range of 175 - 400°F, so the sky's the limit on the food you can cook. The fast cooking of this air fryer will give you plenty of time to relax at the end of a hectic day. Simply season your food and place it in the drawer and set your temperature and timer. While your food is cooking, put together a salad and set the table. Bon Appetit.

GoWise USA Air Fryer Video Review

Cosori Air Fryer Max XL 5.8 Quart

Cosori Air Fryer Max XL 5.8 Quart

If your household is on the larger size, you need this 5.8 Quart Cosori Air Fryer. The extra-large capacity will cook enough food to feed a lot of hungry mouths and it is also ideal for preparing your favorite side dish at your next dinner party.

For a family of up to 5 people, you can cook a 5 to 6-pound chicken, a 12-inch pizza, wings, steaks, fish, french fries and anything else you can whip up. The air fryer comes with 11 preset programs so just place your food in the basket, select your program and in a short time, dinner will be on the table.

The basket that comes in the drawer of the Corsori Air Fryer is detachable and dishwasher safe. The non-stick surface makes cleaning a breeze. This air fryer also comes with a preheating function, which helps crisp your food faster, producing food with a delectable crunch on the outside, and fluffy tenderness on the inside.

The Corsori Air Fryer also comes with a cookbook, featuring more than 100 original recipes to get you started. With a little practice, you will become a master chef in the eyes of your family and friends.

Cosori Air Fryer Video Review


If you want to eat healthier, without investing in expensive kitchen equipment or appliances, then one of these budget air fryers should be on your shopping list. Choose the one that suits your cooking style and one that will fit comfortably in your kitchen. Look at the functions you need and the number of people you need. These air fryers will quickly replace most of the other appliances in your home.

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